Performance Lighting System

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Dimming Systems:

6 ETC Sensor SR48 Dimmer Racks


194 ETC Sensor D20 dual 2.4kw Dimmer modules

388 x 2.4 k.


32 ETC Sensor D50 single 6.0kw Dimmer modules 

32 x 6.0 k


30 ETC Sensor D15 dual 1.8kw Dimmer modules


House Light Controls:

1 ETC Unison ER4 external processor rack
1 ETC Unison LCD portable touch screen control station
3 ETC Unison 10 button control stations (back Stage right, followspot booth, LD office)

Control Consoles:

ETC Expression3 800 channels 1500 dimmers 24 submasters

ColorTran Encore 48/96 Control Console/ 48 submasters

Jands Hog 500

Grand MA Light

All Consoles are located in Lighting Control Booth at rear of Audience Chamber or lighting cockpit


Signal Control:

Touring Company lighting control console can take control of House dimmers with DMX signal in four different locations. 


Touring Board Power System

2 x 400 AMP 120/208V, 3 0, 60HZ (isolated from sound power hookup, located


Sound Power

1 x 200 amp 120/208, 3 0, 60 HZ Isolated ground, located D.S.R.


TV Mobile Power

200 AMPS, 120/208v, 3 0, 60 HZ at Loading
Dock, c/w convenient pass throughs for camera & audio cables


Shore Power

Outdoor panel to the left of the loading bays
2 x 50A 2 x 30A and 2 x 110V, no tails required, just plug it in

Lighting Positions:

any overhead pipe (drop grid boxes-6 circuits/grid box)
a motorized first electric (39 circuits)
2 coves in a vertically-adjustable canopy over orch. pits
upper side and rear walls of the Audience Chamber
Balcony rail
8 rolling Booms on Stage - 14' high


46  6 x 9


48  6 x 12



40  6 x 16



18  8 x 13



12  10 x 23



40  1-kw Fresnel



10  2-kw Fresnel


12  Variable Focus



8 4 Cell Cyc Lights



8 3 Cell Ground Row



5 3 Cell Borderlights



120 Par 64 Fixtures



24 Par 64 ACL Fixtures


14 Mac 500
4 Atomic 3000 Strobes
4 4 Pin Moles Blinders


Follow Spots:

3 - 1600 W Zenon Super Troupers


Full Range of "Roscolux" Colour Media, incl. 300 Series and CC

40 Pattern B gobo holders
Extensive catalogue of Rosco & Gam patterns
No Irises (drop in or fixed)

Smoke / Haze:

2 Rosco Model 1500 Fog Machine
1 DF 50 hazer
2 Dry Ice Machines
2 Dry & Oil combination Coolers

Man Lift:

The Man Lift provided for focusing overhead lighting is a Genie PLC 36DC.  The Staff is obligated by law to observe the manufacturer's specifications concerning the outriggers.


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