Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Performance

General Information

The Marketing Department of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium regularly develops complete, multi-media marketing campaigns for the shows and events taking place in our venue. Our Marketing Department has decades of experience in marketing, communications, promotions and public relations in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, and can put together a high-visibility campaign to promote your event!

Marketing and Development Contact

Please contact the following staff for marketing inquiries:


Manager - Marketing and Development

Trevor Hurtig
Phone: (807) 343-2313

Further Information



Our minimum charge for contracting out our marketing services is $500.00 plus all direct expenses of the campaign. See below under our mass media buy section for potential campaign services.


Social Media

The Auditorium offers excellent visibility through its website and social media platforms. We can also arrange for social media advertising buys to promote your event.


Media Liaison

The Marketing Department of the Auditorium is in constant contact with area media. On your behalf, a news release can be issued to key media personnel in the region.


Media Tickets

As a matter of course, there will be available to the media, at the discretion of the Programming and Marketing Manager, complimentary tickets for each performance.



All available published articles (reviews, advances, etc) will be retained in the files of the Community Auditorium. Upon request, copies of these articles will be made available to the client.


Mass Media Buys

As part of an approved marketing campaign, all media buys can be made by the Auditorium on your behalf. The Auditorium receives volume discounts based on it's charitable status. The minimum charge for
coordinating your marketing service is $500.00 plus all direct expenses.

Rates for direct expenses are available upon request and are subject to change. Available media for your campaign can include:


Print Advertising

  • Chronicle Journal (daily newspaper)
  • Thunder Bay Source (weekly newspaper)
  • Regional Weekly Newspapers
  • The Walleye (monthly entertainment newspaper)
  • Argus (University newspaper)
  • Opus (College newspaper)


Television Advertising

As part of the "service agreement", the Auditorium will negotiate a "Presents" on your behalf as well as negotiate your television advertising purchase at a preferred rate.


Radio Advertising

As part of the "service agreement", the Auditorium will negotiate a "Presents" on your behalf as well as negotiate your radio advertising purchase at a preferred rate.


Posters and Flyers

Posters and flyers can be designed and printed by our staff.
Posters and flyers can be distributed to a variety of pre-arranged outlets.


Direct Mail

The Auditorium maintains a comprehensive list of ticket purchasers. This list can be targeted by address, or type of performance attended, and the addressed, direct mail piece can be sent.


Electronic Marquee

Our electronic marquee (located on a main City thoroughfare) is available to advertise your event. Messages are displayed on average of 15 times per hour, 24 hours per day.


Static Marquee

Our outdoor marquee (located in front of the ring driveway at the Auditorium) is available to advertise your event.