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Coming to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium (TBCA) is a special outing, and we endeavour to make your evening pleasant. If you have any questions or comments regarding the TBCA services, please contact:


Audience Services Supervisor

Scott Burke
Phone: (807) 343-2326

Service Listing and Information



 Accessible seating can be purchased online.

The TBCA is equipped with ramps, elevators, and a seating area which can accommodate wheelchairs. When ordering tickets, be sure to tell the Box Office of any special requirements. Wheelchair locations are available on both sides of the Orchestra level (HL 1 ,2, 3, 4) and at the back of the Orchestra level in row HA. You can reference our seating chart here.

The TBCA is equipped with a Sennheiser Infrared Listening System. Patrons with hearing difficulties are encouraged to use this system. Wireless, lightweight headsets are available at no cost to those who need hearing assistance. The headsets may be picked up at the Audience Services Office. Due to the limited number of headsets, we ask that you please reserve a unit at the Box Office at the time of purchase, if possible.

In the theatre, assistance is available from any usher.


Artist Substitutions

The content of any program is subject to change without notice. The appearance of specific artists or attractions is not guaranteed. Substitutions may be made, or concerts may be rescheduled.



The bars are located on the main floor and on the mezzanine. Bars offer liquor, wine, beer, liqueurs, coffee, soft drinks, spring water, and sweet and salted snacks. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are also available at the vending machines in the vestibule and the lobby.



We welcome children, but very young children can be disruptive to a performance. The TBCA presents a number of shows each year that are appropriate for children. However, for all performances, children should be able to sit quietly throughout a performance. Please use discretion in choosing to bring a child.


Concert Etiquette

Please be aware that any person who disturbs patrons around them may be asked to leave the audience chamber, or to move to another part of the hall to ensure the enjoyment of as many patrons as possible.

For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of the people around you, please remember concert etiquette:

  • Talking, coughing, humming, the rustling of candy wrappers, etc., may disturb the performers as well as those audience members around you. Any electronic devices that could produce a potentially disruptive sound should be turned off prior to entering the audience chamber.
  • In order to cause as little disturbance as possible to the performers and other audience members, late comers will be seated during a suitable break in the performance. Should you leave the theatre during the performance, you will be readmitted during a suitable break.
  • The use of recording devices is strictly prohibited. The taking of photographs is generally discouraged, but it is ultimately determined by each performer on a show-by-show basis. Please check any cameras and recording devices with the Audience Services Manager.
  • Many people are allergic to perfumes, cologne, aftershave, etc. Please use discretion when wearing scents.

If you encounter any difficulties, have any special needs, or just want to make a suggestion, please see any one of the ushers or talk to the Audience Services Manager. The Audience Services Office is located on the main lobby level to the right of the front doors. If you would like to email your comments or concerns, please email:



An elevator which allows access to all three lobby areas is located on the east side of the lobbies.

Please Note: The elevator is not available in the event of an emergency, so it is important that patrons self-identify their accessibility needs when purchasing tickets. This will greatly assist our Box Office staff in helping to select seats that best meet the needs of each ticket purchaser.


First Aid

The first aid room is located by the main lobby. Please ask an usher for assistance.


Hearing Protection

Due to the number and variety of shows presented at the TBCA, the sound technicians face a monumental task trying to meet the audio concerns of each performance. Should you have any concerns or comments in regards to the sound or require hearing protection, please see an usher or the Audience Services Manager.


Lost and Found

Please contact the Audience Services Manager at (807) 343-2326.



Refunds are only given in the event of a show's complete cancellation, or at the discretion of the management. Ticket buyers are required to return their tickets to receive a complete refund. Additionally, refunds will be made in the same manner in which the tickets were purchased. Refunds are only given to the original purchaser.



Located on the main and mezzanine levels. Balcony patrons will find the mezzanine restrooms most convenient. There are accessible restrooms located on the main floor level.



For the health, safety, and comfort of all our patrons, the TBCA is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted outside the front doors under the canopy.



  • HST is included in the advertised price of the ticket and on all service charges.
  • Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) is included in the advertised price of the ticket. This is a surcharge of $2.00 per ticket for all tickets purchased over $10.00. The funds are deposited into the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Foundation to be used for improvements to your Community Auditorium.
  • On all ticket purchases/exchanges, service charges will be applied.