Nazareth with Headpins
August 23, 2024, 7:30 PM

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Nazareth with Headpins


Friday, May 3, 2024

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Friday, July 19 @ 10:00 AM


Nazareth is without doubt the bigest Rock Band to emerge from Scotand They were the pioneers who took Scottish Rock international and paved the way for the many other great Scottish bands that came later.... the likes of Big Country, Simple Minds etc.

The original members first came together in Pete Agnew's band "The Shadettes" in 1968 and changed the name to

NAZARETH in 1970. They toured with Deep Purple in the early 70's where they met Roger Glover who produced their breakthrough album Razamanaz in 1973 that included the hits Broken Down Angel and Bad Bad Boy. The album was followed by Loud'n'Proud later the same year featuring the single This Flight Tonight which became a massive hit throughout Europe and sent the band to number 1 in Germany. It was also a huge hit in Canada where the band became the first

foreign band to do a coast to coast tour of the country that wasn't just part of a North America tour. When they arrived in the country they were told it was the fastest selling Canadian tour of all time and in fact had sold out faster than Elvis who had been there recently.

As you can imagine, you can still hear a host of "faster than Elvis" jokes in Nazareth dressing rooms to this day. Then came Rampant and the massive tour in support of it's release seeing the band play 50 shows in 9 countries throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The tour was quickly followed by the release of the single My White Bicycle which gave them another chart hit in UK and Germany. They were now riding a crest of popularity around the world but still had not managed to get that elusive American hit that every band needs to prove that they really are a global success.

As it turns out, that hit was just around the corner. The classic album that brought them American success and international acclaim was the next one, Hair Of The Dog and it's title track (popularly, though incorrectly known as 'Sonofabitch' due to it's hook lyric) became a staple of Rock Radio troughout the world. Many bands were later known to say how much that song had influenced them and in fact it was covered by Guns N'Roses on their Spaghetti Incident album, as the guys are well known Naz fans. The American version of the album contained the beautiful Love Hurts which still sets the standard for a rock ballad vocal to this day. The song became a worldwide hit, reaching number 1 in six countries and remained on the Norwegian chart for 60 weeks.

In 1982 the band released Dream On, another ballad that was to become an anthem throughout Europe. ...From 1971 till now Nazareth have recorded 23 studio albums,

With 3 platinum and 8 gold albums coming from Canada alone. Their latest release, Rock'n'Roll Telephone (2014) was described by one music press critic simply as "one more masterpiece" so we'll just leave it at that. The line up today consists of Jimmy Murrison (the longest serving Naz guitarist in the band's history), Lee Agnew codrummer Since Darrell Sweet's death in 1999), Pete Agnew (founder member since he can't remember) and new singer Carl Sentance who joined the band in 2015 after Dan McCafferty had to retire due to ill health. Reviewing one of the first shows with Carl performing as lead singer, a member of the Rock press confirmed what the band members already agreed that: "He fits right in as a man on a mission to prove his worth and totally nails it. He has mastery of the material and wears the songs like an old leather jacket". Over the last five decades Nazareth have played literally thousands of concerts worldwide ranging from rock clubs to stadiums and when asked one time if he could remember playing in a certain town, Pete answered if it's got electricity we've played it".

So.. hopefully soon, Nazareth, who remain one of the World's premier rock bands will be using some electricity near you!


Headpins are excited and proud to introduce the mega talented 'Rosa Laricchiuta' as the Official New Lead Singer and Front Woman for the 42 Years Strong 'HEADPINS"... Vancouver based 5 piece Canadian touring recording artists. Rosa is from Montreal Quebec and is also the lead featured vocalist for the internationally renown 'Trans-Siberian Orchestra' for more than 5 years.

This video features an intimate introduction followed by a 3 song medley of some of the Headpins song hits that you will hear Rosa perform live with the Headpins starting this summer of 2022. Recorded using cutting edge peer to peer streaming software from Vancouver to Montreal, tracked and produced by Headpins Guitarist Anthony Della Croce, this medley showcases 3 popular tunes 'Don't It Make Yah Feel', 'Line Of Fire' and 'Just One More time'.

Please welcome Rosa Laricchiuta to the Headpins family and prepare to be blown away by a most powerful and entertaining vocalist. Rosa has heart, strength and character and is the perfect fit for the energy and style of the band. Headpins continue to carry the torch and legacy of the late Brian 'Too Loud' MacLeod with founding member Ab Bryant on bass, original drummer Bernie Aubin, Anthony Della Croce Guitar for 21 years and Alfie Galpin on keys for close to 25 years. The Headpins look forward to seeing you all soon and turning it LOUD once again!