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Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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Stage Dimensions

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Proscenium Width

21.5 M.


Proscenium Height

12.0 M. 


Normal Opening (adjustable)

12.0 - 15.0 M. 


Curtain Line to Rear Wall

15.0 M.


Curtain Line to Front of Apron

2.0 M.


Centre Line - Stage Left Wall Clear

12.5 M.


Centre Line - Stage Right Wall Clear

13.5 M.


Free Height - Stage to Wing Space

11.5. M.


Height - Bottom of Grid to Stage Floor

25.0 M.


Maximum flying Height

24.1 M.


Number of Fly Lines Available



Length of Pipes (extendable) (pipes 52 to 54 are 68')

21.2 - 23.2 M.


Loading Doors (2) - Height



Loading Doors (2) - Width



Height from Pavement (built in ramp)



Distance to Stage (has no traps)



Stage to Auditorium Floor at Apron




Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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