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Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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Performance Sound Systems

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Front of House Mixing Console


  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN-3600 Programmable Equalizer
  • 1 x Klark Teknik DN-3698 Remote Controller
  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN-7204 Delay
  • 1 x Klark Teknik DN-6000 Audio Analyzer
  • 1 x Klark Teknik DN-300 Graphic Equalizer
  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN-504 Four Channel Compressor/Limiter
  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN-514 Quad Auto Gate
  • 3 x DBX-160 Compressor/Limiter


  • Lexicon PCM-91
  • TC Electronics M3000
  • Yamaha SPX2000
  • TC Electronics D2 Digital Delay
  • Delta Lab Effectron Digital Delay

House Left and Right Speaker Arrays x 2

Centre Cluster

Front Fill

Monitor Sound System

  • Monitor Console
  • Midas XL-250
  • 52 Inputs
  • 20 Mix Buses

Monitor Equalization

  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN-300
  • 4 x Klark Teknik DN-360
  • 1 x Ashley GQ-131

Monitor Amplification

  • 6 x Bryston 4B
  • 2 x Bryston 3B
  • 2 x QSC PC3600
  • 4 x Electro-Voice DX-34A Processors
  • 1 x Electro-Voice DX-38 Processors

Monitor Enclosures

  • 12 x Electro-Voice XW-12 Bi-Amped Floor Monitors

Side Fill Sound System

Microphones and Stands

  • Complete line of professional Microphones and Stands


  • HME RW-800 four channel wireless headset system
  • Clear-Com PS-452 two channel wired system c/w 8 headsets and beltpacks

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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