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Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

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Board and Staff

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Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Warm Hospitality and Professional Services

Our staff is pleased to welcome you to our beautiful, world-class facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are proud of our Community Auditorium, and take special care to ensure your time with us is both an enjoyable and exciting experience. From concert performances to private receptions, our professionals will cater to your needs.

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Staff

General Manager

Bob Halvorsen
Phone: (807) 343-2309
E-mail: tbca%23com|bobh

Marketing and Development Manager

Trevor Hurtig
Phone: (807) 343-2313
E-mail: tbca%23com|trevor

Box Office Manager

Charmaine Miller
Phone: (807) 343-2366
E-mail: tbca%23com|charmaine

Audience Services Manager

James Mirabelli
(807) 343-2326
E-mail: tbca%23com|james

Technical and Lighting Director

Joe Szabo
Phone: (807) 343-2317
E-mail: tbca%23com|jszabo

Audio Director

Rob Jardine
Phone: (807) 343-2318
E-mail: tbca%23com|rjardine

Building Services Manager

Brent Panasyk
(807) 343-2335
E-mail: tbca%23com|brent

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Board

The Thunder Bay Community Auditorium is a non-profit corporation having unlimited community membership and is governed by a Board or Directors, consisting of 12 members, two of whom are appointees of the City and the remaining ten members are elected by the general membership. Elections are held in June of each year at the Annual General Meeting.

With a $25 donation, anyone may become a voting member of the Community Auditorium.


Current Board of Directors - 2015/2016


Chris Spina

Vice President

Sharon Timko

Past President

Dwight Gessie

Chair: Human Resources

Alan Hjorth

Chair: Finance

Brian Daniels

Chair: Development

Bruno Niederer



Trevor Hurtig, Manager Marketing & Development

Bob Halvorsen, General Manager


Brian Daniels
Kris Evans
Dwight Gessie
Clint Harris
Alan Hjorth
Bruno Niederer
Ralph St. Jarre
Chris Spina
Sharon Timko
Councillor Trevor Giertuga
Councillor Larry Hebert

TBCA Foundation Representative

Susan Lester

Thunder Bay Community Auditorium


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